I believe I bought my first Beeger Boxes, a 4 piece set up, in 2007. Absolutely gorgeous, very well made and in a color that matched my living room. My dragons have a lot of room in them, they are easy to clean and easy to access.

By this time I also had your standard breeder tanks on those wrought iron stands and frankly, a second tank on the lower level just never fit well. I spoke to Ross about some sort of double tank stand that could work better and he designed on that was even better than I'd hoped! The lower tank could be slid out easily for very easy access. I have three! And he graciously allowed me to name the design after my first and best loved dragon, Brendan!

No matter how large, no matter how small a piece, Ross can do it with an artistic touch!


A solid choice for those looking for furniture grade reptile displays that look appropriate in any room of one's home. Beeger Boxes allows you to have pet reptiles in your home without it looking like a pet store!


I have seen the products and it speaks for itself. Great quality, great prices, and can always be tweaked to fit your needs. Anyone can make a good product, but not everyone can hold up customer service like Debby and Ross. I had the pleasure of meeting these guys in person. They showed me all their products and took the time to answer all questions I had. These have to be some of the nicest vendors I have ever met. They will always take time to talk to their customers. Beeger Boxes takes time making you know you are making a connection, not just a sale. Great Product, Great Prices, Great People!!! 5 Stars


I got a Beeger Box chameleon enclosure for my chameleons from Debby and Ross. The workmanship on this enclosure is so beautiful that I have it right in my living room with the male in one side and the female in the other. It's just perfect for them, now I need to get living room furniture that looks as nice as the reptile enclosure.


4 years ago I had a dream project in mind and nowhere to take my (slightly unusual!) plan. I handed my idea off to Ross and he turned it into a masterpiece. A condo space for tarantulas' on casters, with beautiful hinges, handles, and crown molding. It makes my reptile room look absolutely stunning, very professional, and efficient. I get compliments from anyone who sees it in person or on FB. Ross made my quirky dream into an enviable reality!


The little ones are enjoying their cages...and so am I. Absolutely beautiful job on them! After I set up the bearded dragon cage, my son put together the one for the skink. I don't think it even took him 5 minutes and he (soon to be 11 years old) did it all by himself. He loved doing it and is so proud! He made a picture for you, of the skink. I'm still deciding on how the setups are going to look inside the cages yet but when I do, I'll send you pictures. In the meantime...I thought this was so cute, I wanted to send you this now.
I couldn't thank you enough...
Kendra Thompson

  Newark, DE

I purchased 4 gecko racks from Ross and couldn't be happier! The pvc racks were better than described and are solid construction. Pricing was good and competitive. My biggest reason however for buying Beeger over anyone else was customer service, Ross took time with me and explained things that I did NOT think about. That's something no one else did. I ended up with 2 different sizes which fit my needs better than I originally planned on. Thanks!

  Palm Harbor, Fl

I purchased a wood snake cage for my snake, Tesla. Ross knew exactly what I wanted and was so easy to talk with. He brought my cage to a show 3 hours from my home so I could save shipping charges. Debby is amazing as well, most conversations I had were with her as he was so busy building amazing Beeger Boxes reptile cages! They are a perfect team! I can't wait for my next cages and critters! I love you guys!


My Kenyan sand boa and I love our Beeger box! It holds humidity like a dream, and holds heat so well that a two-hour power outage didn't cause any temperature drops! Ross is also the nicest guy--he walked me through how to drill and set up my LED strip lighting, and asked about how it all came together when I saw him at the Atlanta ReptiCon! I know when I get enclosures made for my future reptiles, I'll definitely be going back to Beeger Boxes.

  Atlanta, GA

I've used lots of reptile cages in my 18 years in this hobby but once I got my hands on a Beeger Box, I quickly changed all my animals over to them. I currently have 7 cages and racks from Ross and I must say, my animals and I are very happy with them. I will continue to buy from them and I'd recommend them to anyone because with a Beeger Box reptile enclosure your animals can live like kings.

I contacted Ross about getting some baby snake racks while I was away at school. He was willing to work with me on payment arrangements since college likes to keep us students broke! I have seen his reptile cages, pvc racks, and wood snake racks before and knew that they were great quality enclosures, but seeing them in my snake room, working in them daily, has proved to me that these racks are the REAL DEAL! I recommend Ross to everyone I know looking to get new snake or gecko racks or cages, and will continue to do so!


When I stepped up to doing venomous reptiles I contacted Ross to design and build a custom wood arboreal enclosure that would enable me to work safely in it plus stand up to high humidity. The enclosure is going on 5 years and still looks as good as the day I picked it up. I also have a couple of wood tarantula enclosures also and they are still like brand new. I will be going to him to make all the rest of my enclosures. By far his enclosures have withstood everything that they were designed for where others have failed. You want QUALITY and built to last Ross is the man to talk to.


I can't say enough good things about Ross at Beeger Boxes. All his products are of the highest quality and his customer service is second to none. The fact that he can customize a reptile enclosure to fit your pets' needs is a bonus few people offer. I have a few of his snake racks and cages, and I couldn't be happier with them.


I have several wood Beeger Boxes reptile cages and they are extremely durable and furniture quality while remaining incredibly light weight. These cages are able to withstand the test of time through many different conditions from high humidity to hot and dry without an issue. I look forward to getting more cages and also PVC racks soon.


Great prices, can build anything you can imagine, great craftsmanship - you can see Ross has a great attention for detail, tanks last forever, gorgeous looks, many designs of oak to choose from, all around outstanding!!

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