The health of your reptile is what matters most to us and your exotic pet deserves the best quality rack system to keep them safe and healthy and it’s our goal as a rack manufacturer to make sure they get it. Which is why we UPGRADE the heating system in all our racks at NO EXTRA CHARGE! This keeps your exotic animals warmer and healthier by reducing the chances of them getting cold and sick, which saves you money on vet bills.
Why settle for less when you can have the best!

Why choose Dragon Racks?
• We have over 15 years of experience building reptile cages and racks
• We manufacture our racks right in our facility for better quality control
• We not only build racks and cages but with currently breeding 24 species we use them as well, so we know what works best
• All our racks use Sterlite tubs which are readily available at all Home Depot or Target stores
• We offer flat packed racks (no tubs, but heat included), open racks, and fully assembled, ready to plug in racks
• Made with American made, self-extinguishing, and formaldehyde free (and pet safe ), ½” PVC
• PVC is made with micro-cell technology making it denser than some of our competitors, and giving it much more stability
• Cut with Computer controlled machinery for accuracy
• Constructed so there is just the right “gap” in between the rack and the tubs
• All racks are stackable and you can request a top or bottom rack when ordering
• Sturdy interlocking system to keep your stacked racks stable: no pegs to break here
• We even remove all those hard edges that are razor sharp
• Our racks will keep your reptiles warmer, reducing the chances of them getting sick and makes it easier for your reptile to stay healthy, and digest their food better.
• We offer back or no heat options for all racks. Back heat is not an additional cost, just post it in the notes.
• Payment plans are available but you MUST call to arrange this prior to purchase.
• Racks and cages can be pre-ordered and delivered free of charge to any of the shows we vend. Check out our schedule to see when we will be near you.
• Did we mention we UPGRADE the heating system at NO EXTRA CHARGE

• All dimensions are approximate
• Shipping prices are for the 48 contiguous states only
• Payment plans are available but you MUST call to arrange this prior to purchase. Or apply for easy credit with Paypal
• Quantity discounts over $1500

***DO NOT PLUG YOUR RACK DIRECTLY INTO A WALL SOCKET. Injury or death of your reptile could occur***
We recommend VE or Herpstat Thermostats
Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or call 603-475-3060

• It doesn’t happen often, thermostat and heat tape can fail. Because we do not manufacture them, we can not be responsible for them, however if you do have an issue, please contact us.
• Although we make recommendations as to the appropriate racks to use, the choice is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer and we are not responsible for escapees or losses.
• We are not responsible for lost, injured, or the loss of animals

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