Why Choose Beeger Boxes?

Why buy a BeegerBox reptile cage or reptile rack? What makes us different from other reptile cage manufacturers you ask? Well a few things set us apart.

First and foremost are my qualifications:

I’m not just some guy with a hammer. I’ve been building reptile cages and reptile racks for almost 15 years, I also have a degree in Architectural Engineering, a major in Cabinetry and Fine Furniture, and 30 plus years as a Finish Carpenter and Project Manager I’m also skilled in tile and stone setting so I have the skills to turn your thoughts into reality. From desert creature reptile cages to 100% humidity reptile habitat enclosures, we have the knowledge and experience to build a reptile rack,  bearded dragon cage, tegu cage, iguana cage, or monitor cage that will hold up for years.  I know what I’m doing. I’ve made all the mistakes that a person first starting to make reptile enclosures will make and I’ve learned from them. This year I was honored by being awarded The Reptile Report’s “Cage Manufacturer of the Year 2013″ Award. Our reptile enclosures are “Tough as dragon scales and built to last.”

We might not be the cheapest cage manufacturer on the block but is that what you really want when you are already talking hundreds of dollars? We’ve learned that skimping on things, even on things YOU as the average customer aren’t aware of, can make the difference between a tegu cage, reptile cage, or even a snake rack lasting 1 year or 10 years. We do however charge a fair price for the quality you are getting and it might be a lot less than you would expect as well so it never hurts to call us and ask. Yes, that is always the fastest way to get a response and we will answer all your questions and not strong arm you into a sale. We realize you do have questions, but please remember, so do we and I (Ross) don’t spend a lot of time on the computer. I can accomplish more in a 10 minute conversation than hours of back and forth on the internet. PLEASE DO NOT TEXT, WE WILL NOT RESPOND.

I’ve also been building custom cedar strip canoes and kayaks since 1980, which gives me vast experience working with epoxy resins, so waterproofing your sailfin dragon cage, green tree monitor cage, or tegu cage is not a problem. We know how to waterproof wood!!! One of the first cages I built was a double chameleon cage for Debby almost 15 years ago. The finish still looks like new so if someone is telling you they won’t hold up, well they have no idea what they are talking about and you NEEDZ a BeegerBox. We don’t use this treatment on all enclosures of course, just the high humidity ones.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of being caretakers, buyers, sellers, and breeders of many species of reptiles which in turn adds to the experience and knowledge of what is required to keep these animals housed properly which is half the battle to keeping them healthy. So when you buy a dragon cage, tegu cage, snake rack, or gecko rack we know what is going to work the best because we use them ourselves.


We use ONLY top quality “cabinet grade” plywood for most of our wood reptile enclosures but we can also do your wood reptile cages in many different woods including oak, mahogany, and birch. OR just stain it to your color scheme. We know the right finish to use when building a reptile enclosure in order to make it last. This can get expensive depending on what you need, but in my opinion, it’s worth the few extra bucks up front than replacing it in a few years, or even worse, sooner. There are many “reptile cage builders” that can build you a “cheaper” cage but exactly what are they skimping on when they do??? You might save some money up front but not in the long run when you have to replace it in a very short time. Don’t throw your hard earned money away. Get a cage or rack that is going to last from someone you can trust. We aren’t getting rich building reptile enclosures but we give you a great quality product that will last (some of our chameleon cages and bearded dragon cages are still going strong after 15 years of hard use) for a fair price. Just because it might “look” good, doesn’t mean it is good. I will be posting some great info on the site soon about what you should be looking for in the structure of the cage, not just the outside.

For a high humidity cage such as a tegu cage, monitor cage, boa cage, or chameleon cage we use a 2 part epoxy resin on the interior. This will protect the wood from the moisture. If it can hold up to water in a lake for a canoe, it can hold up in your tegu cage. But remember, humidity and urine are two completely different things so your tegu cage or monitor cage should still be cleaned often. Of course we can always tile the bottom or even use a Formica floor.


We have chosen to use only the best  1/2″ XPVC on the market (not all PVC is created equal even between 1/2″) for all our reptile racks. The brand we have chosen is a tad more costly but there are several very good reasons we have chosen  it.

1. It is 100%  formaldehyde free, so no concerns about issues with your animals or even yourself.

2. It has excellent Fire Resistant Properties.

3. It also is made with micro-cell technology. Why is that important to you?  Have you ever leaned against a rack and it tilted a bit? Well that is why. Ours is made with a smaller cell  structure which gives it optimal density. This allows the screws to stay where they are supposed to and not come loose, which will maintain the structure and strength of the rack longer.

4. The micro-technology also gives it better insulation properties because of the many more “air pockets”. So your heat won’t have to work quite as hard.

5. It contains no heavy metals.

6. And it has superior UV Performance.

7. We also screw AND glue all our racks for extra durability.

8. We “remove” all the hard edges. You would know why this is important if you’ve ever touched the edge of a rack because they can be razor sharp. Go ahead and check yours; bring a Band-Aid.

9. We use 1/2″ PVC on all our racks.

10. We use 4″ THG heat tape instead of 3″ (like all our competitors)  on our 6 and 16 qt racks. This heats your tubs easier and faster and gives your animals a larger “hot” spot. We feel this just works better all the way around.

11. We use 6″ THG on the 28 qt which makes a huge difference as well.

12. On our 41 qt we use a 12 x 16 recessed heat pad which is sure to keep your reptile warm and healthy.


14. ALL OUR RACKS COME WITH BELLY HEAT (size will depend on tub size) AND TUBS


1. Q: Are you able to customize reptile enclosures for my needs?

A: With our knowledge and experience, we can build and customize any reptile cage for you; including soaking pools, drainage, misting systems, or deep substrates, just to name a few. If you can dream it, we can build it.

2. Q: How long will it take to receive my snake rack?

A: When ordering a snake or gecko rack, shipping time can vary. It can be as soon as a few days to 3-4 weeks. We try our best to keep all our pvc racks in stock but there are times when that gets hard to do. Usually tax time and baby season are the toughest time to keep reptile racks in stock. GENERALLY it is a 1-4 week turn around time, if that time frame changes drastically, we will have it posted on the pvc rack page. Once you place an order, within 24 hours (unless we are away at a show) we will send you a receipt with an estimated ship date. Please remember these are only estimates and can change depending on many factors, but for the most part, we are right on schedule.

3. Q: Do you ship large tegu or monitor size enclosures and boa size racks?

A: Yes, we can ship all our tegu cages or large reptile cages anywhere in the lower 48 contiguous states. They MUST ship freight and we have been lucky enough to hook up with a local freight company with reasonable rates. So, if you are in need of a large custom reptile cage, we can ship it to you. Please contact us for further information.

We also ship all our snake and gecko racks as well. They will be shipped ground through FedEx but generally arrive after only a few days.


4. Q: What about non-reptile pets such as invertebrates and other exotics?

5. Q: What type of materials are you able to make caging and racks from?

6. Q: How well does wood caging hold up?

7. Q: I need a LARGE reptile cage, how big can you go?

8. Q: What are the typical shipping costs?

9. Q: Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?



The best and fastest way to get a response is always by telephone: 603-475-3060

Business hours are from 9 AM – 9 PM EST