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    Four-wheel tractor starter does not turn the reason

    From:Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Date:2019/5/4 14:13:30

    I believe we all know four-wheel tractor, that small make up today first for you to introduce a production and sales of tractor manufacturers - xingtai first tractor manufacturing co., LTD., is a production and sales of small tractors joint-stock enterprises, the company is located in hebei province xingtai city development zone east second ring road no. 58, the traffic is very convenient.

    Then small make up to sort out the reasons why the four-wheel tractor starter does not turn:

    The starter does not work, switch on the starting switch, the starter does not work. Possible reasons include:

    Battery power shortage or loose wire connection, dirty terminal lead to poor contact.

    (2) starting electromagnetic switch coil broken or bad contact disk contact.

    (3) starting relay contact ablation, relay magnetic coil break or burn out.

    (4) starter internal armature bending or bearing too tight, rectifier dirty or ablation, brush wear too short, too soft spring can not contact, armature coil or magnetic field coil short circuit, open or take iron.

    (5) start anti-theft system fault.

    Hope the above information can help you, you can enter xingtai first tractor manufacturing co.


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