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    Why hydraulic lifting of small four-wheel tractor can not go down

    From:Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Date:2019/4/10 16:36:27

    Xingtai No. 1 Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. explains the reasons why the hydraulic lift of small four-wheel tractors can not go down.

    1. Turn off the small four-wheeled tractor and see if it can come down.

    2. If you can't, just loosen the tubing under the cylinder slowly with the board (pay attention to safety, don't oil yourself). If it goes down, it means that it's not a mechanical problem, but a hydraulic problem. If the tubing can not be loosened and replaced, it is a mechanical problem.

    3. If it is a hydraulic problem, check whether the reversing valve has a problem.

    4. If it is a place where mechanical problems are checked and interfered, we should look for a professional teacher.

    5. Don't repair it during the three-package period.


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