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    What about the tremor of the tractor steering wheel and the front wheel swing?

    From:Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Date:2018/11/26 10:27:31

    Tractors are indispensable equipment in agricultural production. Now, with the rapid economic development, the use of tractors is very extensive. There will inevitably be some minor faults in use. Xingtai No. 1 Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of tractors. It has a good understanding of the use and basic performance of tractors. For example, the faults of steering wheel shaking and front wheel swing, which occur in tractors, we can operate according to the following steps, and the steering wheel shaking occurs. The phenomenon of front wheel shaking is mainly caused by inappropriate front wheel positioning and too small kingpin backward inclination angle. In the absence of instrumental testing, we should try to insert wedge-shaped iron sheets at the rear end of the leaf spring and front axle support plane to make the front axle rotate backward and increase the kingpin tilt angle to return to normal after trial operation.
    When you use tractors, you must first understand the attributes of tractors and see the operation instructions of tractors to ensure proper operation of tractors and avoid tractor malfunctions caused by improper use. Welcome to inquire and order Xingtuo brand tractor products.


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