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    Water leakage treatment for tractor tank

    From:Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Date:2018/10/29 11:53:48

    Good tractors, there are also failures, such as the use of tractors in the water tank damage leakage fault, encountered this problem how to do? First of all, understand the tractor water tank damage leakage reasons, some tractors often run on the road in poor condition, after a long period of turbulence, the water tank may be damaged. If this happens, the driver should stop on the right side of the road in time. After getting off the car, take a clean cloth to wipe the dirt from the leak, find some hemp rope to plug the leak, and then apply a layer of soap to stop the leak. Good tractors also need good maintenance and repair. Xingtai No. 1 Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the main manufacturer of tractors. Welcome to inquire and order tractors.


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