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    Tractors also need maintenance.

    From:Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Date:2018/9/4 9:55:09

    If the car needs repair and maintenance, many owners will choose brand 4S shop, and for farmers, when transplanters, tractors, and other "seat driving" encounter trouble, but mostly choose "self-reliance", maintenance quality is difficult to guarantee. Recently, tractors can also be sold from the main engine, maintenance, to spare parts supply, tracking reminders, tractors and cars alike, enjoy after-sales service.
    The farmer can send the tractor to the maintenance service center of Xingtai No. 1 Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to check and repair the wear and tear of the machine as soon as the summer busy season is over. Repair workshop and spare parts warehouse, outdoor tractor training site, Xingtai No. 1 Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is no less than the size of the large-scale automobile "4S shop", "maintenance, training, sales, disposal" four in one service function, but also to meet the various needs of farmers.
    "Tractor service guarantee is an important link to ensure the safety, efficiency and quality of agricultural machinery." For new tractors, production enterprises will provide maintenance, but after that will pay higher fees, tractor users fear spending money, afraid of trouble, they will solve themselves, "Now more and more sophisticated agricultural machinery, more and more rich functions, farmers'maintenance skills obviously can not keep up with the development of modern agriculture does not match."
    It is an inevitable trend to improve tractor service guarantee and explore multiple functional experiences. Xingtai No. 1 Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. takes a professional and humanized approach, overhauls into stores, minor improvements, rush to repair in the field. After screening, technicians rushed to the scene, regardless of day and night, have to report required, to minimize the impact on farm hours.


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