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    The use of the law of the tractor is 3

    From:Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Date:2018/8/7 9:29:03

    Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of tractors. It is more concerned about the news of the tractor. It is also very familiar with the use of tractors. It is in the north or the south. When the farmer is busy, the farmer will work in the farmland with the tractor, but the tractor is a good helper of the farmer's uncle. The use of very convenient, in fact, no matter what the tractor brand, are 3 points, 7 points. It means to use properly and maintain well when not in use. As I remember, the running-in period of the high-power tractor is the first maintenance of 200 hours, after every 300 hours of maintenance, and gearbox oil, bearing oil must be replaced. This situation in China can not be done at all. So it is entirely on the tractor itself to fight, better quality, longer life, meet a good owner of the car, on time maintenance, can also be a little longer. Maintenance cycle of 300 hours, meet to help others farm, a day to do 10 hours, a month to maintain, is basically very difficult to do. The charge for paddy fields is about 150 acres, and the income is OK.
    The tractors produced by Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are of good quality and many models. They are very scientific and reasonable in operation. They are deeply loved and approved by the farmers. The tractors of Xing towing brand are of good quality, and the source of the goods is very sufficient. Welcome to inquire and order Xingxing tractor series products.
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