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    The "fighter" in the tractor surpasses imagination

    From:Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Date:2018/8/1 14:01:42

    Now, on the vast land, the sound of the machine is rumbling. As the tractor manufacturer of Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the four wheeled tractor on "tall" has become the favorite favorite of the farmers.
    From the careful attempt to small batch purchase, and then to the mass order of this spring, the "Xing towing" tractors not only sell well in the market, but also lead to the "blowout" of the national market.
    In view of the development trend of product technology and market environment, "Xing towing" tractor has always insisted on the technological breakthrough of leading products as the direction of product structure adjustment, and constantly promoted the transformation from low value-added products to high value-added products, from the middle and low ends to the high-end.
    Through the main and joint research and development of "Xing towing" tractor, "Xing towing" tractor has mastered the core technology of the power shift tractor, which has the international mainstream technology level. Through mergers and acquisitions, joint venture cooperation, upgrading and transformation and so on, it has rapidly improved the ability to convert advanced technology into commodity, and made substantial progress in the adjustment of product structure.
    With the promotion of the "polynuclear casting" strategy, the R&D, manufacturing and equipment levels of the "Xingtuo" tractor have also been upgraded in an all-round way.
    Technological innovation leads the development direction of Xing towing. Market innovation has enhanced the driving force of Xing towing.
    In the domestic market, "Xing towing" tractors always consolidate and expand market share as the focus of marketing work, constantly strengthen market situation prejudgement, optimize network layout, innovate marketing methods, effectively enhance brand image and promote sales growth. Sales of leading products are always in the first phalanx of industry.
    In the international market, "Xingtuo" tractor adheres to both channel construction and project sales, according to the different conditions of the regional market, focus on resources, key breakthroughs.
    In addition to technological innovation and market innovation, management innovation has also become a guarantee for the development of "tractor tractor".
    "Xing towing" tractors firmly establish the concept of "quality zero defect, standard internationalization", exert the role of quality management system, effectively implement the responsibility of quality management, and effectively build competitive products. At the same time, enterprises also strengthen the construction of information, "Xing towing" tractors take the lead in the implementation of the "Internet +" new marketing model in the industry, and the supporting role of information construction is becoming increasingly apparent to the operation of the enterprise. Welcome to inquire and order the tractor series products produced by Xingtai No. 1 tractor Manufacture Co., Ltd.
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