Bearded Dragon Care and Husbandry

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This is a great guest post on bearded dragon care and husbandry. We will have more articles coming soon! If you would like to submit an article or care sheet to be featured here, please send us an email. Bearded Dragon Care and Husbandry Originally published in Herpetoculture House Digital Magazine vol. 2 issue 7 Revised 7/10/2014 by Lillie Nyte Bearded …

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Family Wedding

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Well for those of you that aren’t familar with us, our daughter Joanna will be getting married this coming weekend, May 31. We will be leaving on Thursday morning and not returning until sometime the following Monday So if you are trying to reach us, we will not be online in any shape or form during that time frame, we …


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Well I have to say, when we were first contacted by the nice folks of the Charleston Area Reptile Expo, we were hesitant about traveling that distance for a small (fairly new) reptile show. But after talking it over with Deb, we decided to give it a shot, and we were pleasantly surprised.t We had an outstanding time and the …