About Beeger Boxes Reptile Cages and Racks

Many people wonder about the origins of Beeger Boxes Reptile Housing so you guys will be among the first “in the know”.

I’ve owned reptiles from the age of 7 when my Mom got me my very first tortoise. She was a stunning yellow foot and we called her Henrietta. Back then we didn’t know about UVB and all the other things that are necessary for keeping your reptile healthy, and there was no internet or reptile vets to ask, so we did what we thought was best and she lived to a ripe old age of 27. So that was the beginning of my love of reptiles.

When Deb and I got together, I shared my passion for reptiles with her and she was also smitten when she got her very first chameleon. Well once we decided that we wanted to work more with reptiles, we started a reptile rescue in the state of NH called ShellHaven Reptile Rescue (which we still run). We worked with NH F & G and also a few local Petco’s doing rescues. Next thing we knew, our beautiful home now looked like an ugly pet store with reptile tanks in every size scattered throughout the house. Debby finally said to me, “If we are going to continue with reptiles, we NEEDZ to find a more beautiful, affordable, critter friendly way of housing them.”

Then we thought, well we can’t be the only ones that LOVE to house their critters in a more beautiful reptile enclosure, which by the way is also much better for your animal as well.  Thus was the beginning of Beeger Boxes Reptile Housing. That was back in 1997.  So the next step was to start doing reptile shows, which we did. Our first show was in Manchester, NH and people were amazed at how awesome the reptile cages looked. And when they found out the benefits, they loved them even more. Since then BBRH has continued to grow and is now my full time life choice. This year we’ve added XPVC snake and gecko racks and XPVC reptile cages, as well as reptile show displays.  And we are still growing.

Most people don’t think about how important it is to have the appropriate reptile enclosure for their animal. The correct bearded dragon cage, gecko cage, snake enclosure, or gecko and snake rack can make all the difference in the world. If you want your reptile to be happy and healthy, the first step is getting it into the right pvc cage,  pvc rack, bearded dragon cage, gecko cage, uromastyx cage, tegu cage, or iguana cage. Or whatever reptile you might have to house.

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